Best Buy and the HTC Thunderbolt: how exclusive is exclusive?

Best Buy and Verizon stores will begin selling the HTC Thunderbolt tomorrow, March 17. According to Best Buy’s advertising, the chain has a ‘national retail exclusive’ on the device. The HTC Thunderbolt will also be available at most Verizon Wireless retail stores and online at, so what, exactly, does ‘national retail exclusive’ mean? Representatives from … Continue reading

Where to buy your HTC Thunderbolt

With the arrival of the HTC Thunderbolt only a day away, many locals are wondering exactly where to buy it and how much they can expect to pay. Below is a list of local and online places to purchase the HTC Thunderbolt, expected pricing, and hours of operation: READ MORE  

HTC Thunderbolt officially releases March 17

After much speculation and waffling of release dates, the Verizon Thunderbolt by HTC is now officially available beginning March 17. On contract, the lowest price for the device is $199 (via Wirefly). The unlocked phone weighs in at $749 (Best Buy). This is Verizon’s first 4G phone. From a technical point of view, the HTC Thunderbolt … Continue reading

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