Elpida develops 4GB memory chips for smartphones

Elpida Memory Inc. of Japan announced today that they have developed a low-power, small sized, high-speed 4GB DDR2 DRAM chip for use in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Until today, Samsung Electronics held the title of largest mobile DRAM at 4GB, but the two companies will share the space now. According to the Elpida press release, … Continue reading

Buying your next smartphone: guidance in a 4G world

– In today’s competitive market, it can be difficult to decide which smartphone is right for you. 4G, dual-core, Android, iPhone… the decisions are almost limitless. Unfortunately, every consumer has individual needs and a new smartphone is a very personal buying decision. However, it is possible to objectively compare various devices in the hopes that it will help consumers … Continue reading

Switching to a new smartphone now can make a huge difference

The typical smartphone shopper today is a person that already has a smartphone and is coming to the end of their current one year or two year contract. They are likely using one of the four biggest carriers in the US (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) and currently have one of the four biggest OS’s on their device (Android, … Continue reading

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