VZW 4G LTE expanding in Charlotte and turning up 6 new cities

In an email from Verizon Wireless of the Carolinas, VZW announced expanded 4G LTE service in Charlotte, NC. “This will not extend the 4G LTE footprint but will include additional cell towers in areas we launched last December,” said the email, but “this will increase the number of people positively impacted by 4G LTE.” The expansion will occur on… READ … Continue reading

Will Sprint Nextel switch from WiMAX to LTE?

CHARLOTTE, NC – Sprint Nextel is a majority stakeholder in ClearWire, the company that provides WiMAX 4G coverage across the US. The two have been in pricing disputes, however, and talks are ongoing. The result of these talks could mean a financial divorce between Sprint and ClearWire. If that were to happen, would Sprint, the number … Continue reading

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