Protect yourself from Android malware

According to, Google has decided to remove 21 apps from the open Market due to concerns over malware. These apps are suspected or known to root Android phones. Mashable suggests turning an infected device in to the carrier for replacement. This type of rooting is especially dangerous in today’s age of the too-smart smartphone. Here … Continue reading

Google Analytics on your Android smartphone

One of the many tools Google offers for free is its analytics engine. This powerful tracking and reporting tool can be added to any webpage to give you almost-live data on your site’s performance from dozens of preset perspectives, plus unlimited custom reports. Accessing this data from your Android smartphone is both easy and free with… READ … Continue reading

Hiybbprqag: another deciding factor between Android and WP7?

Google (makers of Android) accused Microsoft (makers of Windows Phone 7) of flat out stealing their search results. Google made up a fake word, hiybbprqag, and tied it to a random web page. Soon after, Microsoft’s Bing search results started… Hiybbprqag: another deciding factor between Android and WP7?  

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