The death of Blackberry, FINALLY!

According to the Associated Press, Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry smartphone, have announced a $995 million quarterly loss ending in June of this year. A billion dollars in three months means that, for every day of the period, the company lost about $463,000 an hour. Yes, $128 per second non-stop around the clock [Read more]

Why Android can’t be stopped

Recent reports confirm that Google’s Android OS is growing by leaps and bounds. It has surpassed all other operating systems in the US and will eventually establish itself as the first consideration for every device manufacturer in the world. Though many aspects of Android are strengths, some of its claimed weaknesses will be exactly what … Continue reading

Amazon Wireless offers phones for a penny

Currently in beta release, Amazon Wireless is selling popular smartphones for very low prices. The HTC EVO 4G sells for as low as $99, and the Motorola Droid X for $49. If that’s not low enough for you, how about the HTC Droid Incredible for one cent? You can even pick up a Blackberry Bold 9700 for… … Continue reading

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