Severe weather and your smartphone

Severe weather can arise quickly and take out your power without warning. For many people, a weather radio, fireplace, and maybe a working cell phone are all they need to feel safe. But with a smartphone, you can feel more than safe – you can feel in control… READ MORE

Google Analytics on your Android smartphone

One of the many tools Google offers for free is its analytics engine. This powerful tracking and reporting tool can be added to any webpage to give you almost-live data on your site’s performance from dozens of preset perspectives, plus unlimited custom reports. Accessing this data from your Android smartphone is both easy and free with… READ … Continue reading

Essential Android Applications for Writers

There are all kinds of writers in the world today, and there is a whole new creative breed in modern story telling. Today’s writers have to stay nimble, up-to-date, and prolific. There is no better tool currently available than a good smart-phone. With the popularity of the Android operating system, truly functional mobile devices are available … Continue reading

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