Skype with video over 4G available on HTC Thunderbolt

As originally reported, the HTC Thunderbolt did not initially release with Skype video chatting available. It was believed that problems with Skype and battery life actually delayed the HTC Thunderbolt’s release. Finally, though, there seems to be a light at the end of the technological tunnel… READ MORE

Why Android can’t be stopped

Recent reports confirm that Google’s Android OS is growing by leaps and bounds. It has surpassed all other operating systems in the US and will eventually establish itself as the first consideration for every device manufacturer in the world. Though many aspects of Android are strengths, some of its claimed weaknesses will be exactly what … Continue reading

1.8 GHz – is it worth it to root your HTC Thunderbolt?

Yesterday, Android Community announced that a user had overclocked his HTC Thunderbolt to a blistering speed of 2 GHz. The same user had previously made the same phone stable at 1.8GHz. In this sense, stable means that (other than the speed) the phone ran as expected when first purchased. This is great news and shows … Continue reading

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