The death of Blackberry, FINALLY!

According to the Associated Press, Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry smartphone, have announced a $995 million quarterly loss ending in June of this year. A billion dollars in three months means that, for every day of the period, the company lost about $463,000 an hour. Yes, $128 per second non-stop around the clock [Read more]

Verizon Edge vs. T-Mobile Jump

T-Mobile introduced the Jump program as an opportunity for customers to upgrade at will. That’s what the commercials would have you believe, anyway. What it really comes down to is an insurance program that you can… [Read more]

Hot Milk Cocoa from Your K-cup Brewer

The first thing Keurig owners notice on their new K-cup machines may be the fact that the coffee, tea, or cocoa they’ve inserted will run out well before the boiling water does. As a result, the first half of every cup is highly concentrated with flavor and the second half is just a watering down … Continue reading

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