The death of Blackberry, FINALLY!

According to the Associated Press, Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry smartphone, have announced a $995 million quarterly loss ending in June of this year. A billion dollars in three months means that, for every day of the period, the company lost about $463,000 an hour. Yes, $128 per second non-stop around the clock [Read more]

Verizon Edge vs. T-Mobile Jump

T-Mobile introduced the Jump program as an opportunity for customers to upgrade at will. That’s what the commercials would have you believe, anyway. What it really comes down to is an insurance program that you can… [Read more]

Choosing the Right Tax Software

It’s that time of year and many Americans are being bombarded with tax promotions. TV commercials, radio ads, and even free CDs in the mail, all cry for taxpayers’ attention. Each one promises the maximum refund for your federal return. The question is, which one is best for you? Read More

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